Sunday, October 21, 2012

Winning For Christmas Post #1!

I like to win. For years, I've entered online contests. I couldn't guess how many I've entered, but I'm sure I could count the number of times I've won on both hands. Last summer, I discovered the world of blog giveaways. I'm in love. Blog giveaways are easier to enter (depending on how many hoops you feel like jumping through - more hoops = more entries), they're easier to find, and most importantly, they're easier to win. Along my way, I've found new blogs to read, stories, recipes, product reviews, book reviews, deals, and tips for everything under the sun. I've also developed a small stash of Christmas and birthday presents for my family. I love winning for my family as much as I love winning for myself. I live frugally, so being able to give my family these amazing gifts is a big deal to me. I can't wait to start wrapping (I even won the wrapping paper!). 

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